The true art of composition

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The true art of composition lies in paying attention to the smallest details while keeping in mind the whole picture, developing small motives into bigger ones and dismantling them back again to be able to join them all in an all encompassing grand finale, dense and overwhelming, yet light, precious and delicate. Nothing more than that.



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Čítárna Unijazzu – koncert pro lidi, rybičky, psy a papoušky.

Koncert v čítárně Unijazzu

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29. října hraju sólo s Andrejem Polanským a Emülem Langmanem na vernisáži fotek z malé Alternativy.

… and one more show with Filip and Waldemar

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on the road with Postižená oblast

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3 pozvaka POOB turneee

A giant plastic squid

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A giant squid consisting of magnetic tape and plastic waste appeared in my living room this morning. I quickly took this picture but I was lucky to get out of there alive.


I think all this plastic pollution is slowly getting out of control. Did you know that in the first 10 years of the 21st century we produced more plastic than in the whole century before? If we go on like this we’d better get ready to meet similar creatures more often. And then it will be too late to ask: Does every single cucumber really have to be covered in plastic? Do electronics and other products of daily use really have to be consumed and replaced every two years? Instead of sorting it out and bringing it to the nice yellow trashcan, try to keep all the plastic trash in your basement. Forever. Or at least till the end of your life, because that’s how long it’s going to be around. And from the yellow trashcan it’s not disappearing anywhere. It’s most probably going to be dumped in the ocean to come back as a phosphorescent mutant octopus. We have to do something about this. And simply adjusting our consumer behaviour is not enough. We need political action to limit the plastic production or tax it accordingly to the ecological damage it causes, i.e. multiplied with the thousands of years that it takes for plastic to disintegrate.

Our relationship to plastic is somehow symbolical for the madness with which we speed up the ecological disaster. It seems like mankind is going through some stages of final frenzy, the last spasms of a dying organism. And relying on consume driven capitalism as the only system that can sustain life on earth (because sustaining life for larger groups of people is probably the primary aim of any economical system) seems like a very bad joke. As long as the production is in China and the waste dumped in the oceans or sent back to poorer countries people in the western world do not really understand the scope and the consequences of their own behaviour. They think that all the trash just disappears in a puff of pink smoke. They might even think how we managed to sort out the problem and wonder why does the rest of the world have a problem with (our) trash.

But whatever our part in polluting the world, one thing should be made clear. We are not destroying the planet. The planet is big enough and she will be fine. Nor are we destroying the life on the planet. There will always be species that adapt to whatever change of climate. We are destroying our own existence on the planet because we are the most vulnerable precious soft skinned animals and we’re all going to die screaming with the first bigger catastrophe which for the planet will be just an equivalent of a little sneeze.

Here are some links I quickly scrambled together. If anybody knows about a better way of informing ourselves and taking action, please feel free to share:





new record

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